New Capabilities

Adelaide Cloud Remote Support- Take Control

We provide desktop and server support with our secure Remote Management tool that is loaded for all our clients with a support agreement.

We can assist your support requirements remotely by taking over your session.  All access is provided via secure 2 factor authentication.  All access to your systems are audited to provide a clear audit trail of what was done and by whom.

Remote Management Console

Realtime desktop/server reporting of CPU, memory and disk usage.   Full rundown of running services and process utilisation to let us see why your system may be in need of assistance.

In the event that you have a service that has failed or you have a piece of software that needs removing, we can do this without the need to interrupt your session.

Fully Automated Security Patching

We can fully automate your security patching to Microsoft’s best practice standards.  Full control of when patches are approved, deployed, installed and most importantly rebooted.   We can create granular patching timelines to match your server patching requirements where reboots are done to ensure your systems come up in the correct running order.

Intergrated Anti Virus Endpoint Protection

We can deploy and manage your Anti-Virus solution and centrally report on Firewall, Process, Content, Phishing and Malware events.  All of this is within the same management console which means less admin overhead for us and a more agile support solution for you.

Automated Reporting – Executive Summary    

We are able to provide you with historical reporting on most aspects of your infrastructure.  Monthly reporting will provide useful metrics on how we are performing.

Automated Reporting – License Key Details 

We can even run a report that will fully show your license usage and where these are installed.

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