VPS Hosting

Initial build (either Linux CentOS/Ubuntu or Windows Server 2016/2019), default installation, configured as follows:

Windows 2016/2019

  • Server Standard
  • Allocated and configured internal and external IPs
  • All current windows updates applied
  • One single Administrator user account

Our Responsibility

  • Ensuring continued maintenance and performance of underlying hardware
  • Regular backups
  • OS Security Patching (optional)
  • Anti Virus deployment and management (optional)

Your Responsibility

  • User credentials and management
  • Software installation
  • Software patching
  • Application management
Build your Server
Base VPS including: 1CPU core 2GB RAM 100GB HDD
Additional cores
Additional RAM per GB
Additional disk space per 100GB
Additional external IPs
VPN access to VPS (per user)

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