Adelaide Cloud provides cloud based backups and wholesale backup storage. Both of these packages are bundled in a way to deliver a large pool of storage to as many clients as you are licensed for, or via our wholesale method which can assist in removing the licensing requirements or restrictions you may have.

Cloud Backup – 25GB Storage $5.00
Cloud Backup – 50GB Storage $8.50
Cloud Backup – 125GB Storage $14.00
Cloud Backup – 250GB Storage $22.00
Cloud Backup – 500GB Storage $36.00
Cloud Backup – 1TB Storage $60.00
Cloud Backup – 2TB Storage $86.00
Cloud Backup – 5TB Storage $175.00
Cloud Backup – 5TB+ POA

Supported Cloud Platforms and Applications

Each of the following licenses are calculated on a per server basis (both physical or virtual)

Support Cloud Platforms and Applications
Storage Craft – Shadow Protect
Microsoft Server Standard $36.95
Microsoft SBS / Essentials $68.00
Veeam Cloud Connect
Cloud Connect Backup $14.00
Cloud Connect Replication $28.00
Veeam On-Premise Server P.O.A.
Additional Concurrent Connections / Sub-Accounts $10.00

Wholesale Storage

If you have a custom application that Adelaide Cloud is yet to natively support, applications that do not have a Cloud Platform yet, or if you wish to handle the transfer of your data in a more manual / specific manner, Adelaide Cloud can deliver the storage pool directly to you.
This will allow you to connect to the storage pool and have a greater level of control and visibility of your configuration.
All data transferred to Adelaide Cloud needs to adhere to our Encryption and Security Guidelines for Secure Data.
Wholesale storage is priced at the same rates as the “Cloud Storage” table above.

*Veeam Cloud Connect requires a fully functional, local backup server at the source network. This can be supplied via Cloud Connect; for more information please contact Adelaide Cloud.
**Please note that if you are using Veeam Replication, you will require a VPS to replicate the data too. A detailed quote can be arranged via contacting Adelaide Cloud.

In the event of total system failure all data will be delivered on an external hard drive within two business hours within the Adelaide metropolitan area.