What is Adelaide Cloud’s Local Business Bundle all about?

Many of the small businesses we speak to would like to simplify their computing setup. They want a simple solution to their server needs, one that gives them the essentials of what they actually need and none of the things they won’t ever use.

Adelaide Cloud has created the Local Business Bundle to do just that!
The Local Business Bundle is all about delivering a completely functional server environment, connected to cloud based enterprise services, directly to the small business market, at less than $50 a week.

What’s Included?

A physical server for your office with:


Web Hosting

Is your website slow, not handling the traffic, or just in need of a new home? We can help with that too!

Additional Configuration Options

As we’re sure most of you know, ‘One Size Fits All’ is not really a term that applies to the IT Industry.  We can tailor your system to meet your needs.

Support Agreement

Included within the Business Bundle is a small Support Agreement with Adelaide Cloud, valued at $50 / Month. By doing so Adelaide Cloud can manage the following services on your server, ensuring that your experience of your network is a good one:

Extended Support Options

The support agreement on the server can be expanded to also cover your users workstations and devices, allowing for a single monthly cost for your entire IT infrastructure and support, regardless of how many times you may call for support that month!

To arrange extended support, it will be best to call us and have a chat to discuss some options first.