Reseller Program

We believe that offering Adelaide-based cloud solution services to your clients will give you an advantage. South Australia, and Adelaide in particular, is a parochial market. You’re a South Australian business providing services to other South Australian businesses, so being able to offer cloud solution services provided by an Adelaide business makes sense to your customers.

Keeping the money circulating in the South Australian economy is good for us all and is a very easy case to pitch to your clients.

Our services are priced competitively, but we are not the cheapest as we have heavily invested in equipment and local support staff to ensure that our customer support is second to none. We believe that our offering is priced affordably, while allowing us to provide the service that you and your clients demand, and, importantly, at a price that allows us to pass on a reasonable margin to our reseller partners.

Our hosting service and rebate model is designed to take the stress out of hosting and systems administration, to provide a professional local service that you can rely on and last but not least to allow you to make a dollar from hosting rather than just passing it on.

Adelaide Cloud pays an ongoing 15% rebate on all hosting services that are referred to us through your business. The rebate is paid monthly in arrears after you have paid us, and you will receive an emailed monthly statement listing all of the services being provided by Adelaide Cloud to clients on your behalf.

Partner’s Free Development VPS

As an additional incentive for our Reseller Partners Adelaide Cloud will provide you with a free development VPS  designed specifically to allow you to separate your development and user acceptance testing work load from production web hosting and local resources. The best part about it all is that we still offer you an ongoing 15% hosting rebate. 

The configuration is as follows:

*In order to take advantage of this offer we require the following: