Is Adelaide Cloud a Reseller?

No, Adelaide Cloud is not a reseller, Adelaide Cloud is a South Australian owned company. At Adelaide Cloud we own all of the hosting equipment, our technical team has total control over its servers and software that is installed on the server as well as being responsible for all the security, maintenance, research and development and technical support of its hosting service.

Where are your servers?

All of our server equipment is situated in one of the leading data centres located in Adelaide, owned by a major ISP.

How do I transfer my site from another host?

The procedure to transfer a live site from another host depends on the complexity of your site. There are several things that we provide to make your transition easier. Please review the following steps to use as a guideline.

  1. Sign up for an account with us.
  2. Copy the content from your old host to the Adelaide Cloud server using FTP or using a site publishing tool.
  3. Create any databases that your site needs.
  4. Test your site using the URL that we provide.
  5. If your site is transactional, you’ll need to organize a short period of downtime while you put up a placeholder site on your old host, back up the database on the old host and restore it to the Adelaide Cloud server.
  6. Once everything is good, change the “A” record of your domain name delegation from your old host to Adelaide Cloud so that traffic will now be directed to the Adelaide Cloud servers. If you need help we can help you arrange this.
  7. Moving your email across is a similar process, except you need to change the delegation of the “MX” record to point all incoming mail to the Adelaide Cloud servers. There is a little setup from our end before you change, so we need to talk and coordinate the move before you change the MX record.

Do you give any discounts?

Adelaide Cloud does not offer discounts. We believe that we have set our prices to provide a reasonable balance between cost to customer, margin for resellers and profit for Adelaide Cloud. We do run a reseller rebate program intended to provide a profit reward to our valued reseller network.

Do you give resellers the ability to earn a reasonable margin?

Yes. At Adelaide Cloud we believe that it is important for our resellers to be able to make an economically attractive margin. If resellers can’t make money from our products then they won’t be able to sell them and won’t be able to provide that all important ongoing support of their customers. If you register to become a reseller then Adelaide Cloud pays an ongoing 15% rebate on all hosting services that are sold to your customers and where the client relationship is managed by you. Refer to the resellers’ page for more details.

Do you provide detailed statistics for my websites?

Yes, you are able to view detailed statistics through the control panel provided

Can you host country specific domain?

Yes, as long as you have the registry keys for the domain name then the DNS can be set to point to Adelaide Cloud’s servers.

How Many Sites Do You Have On Each Server?

There is no one answer to this question. It depends upon the type of hosting service you have paid for and the size and business of the sites that are being hosted.

If I sign up now, can I upgrade to a higher plan later on? Are there any upgrade fees?

There are no upgrade fees, only the monthly fee associated with the new upgrade

What happens if I exceed my traffic limit?

Consult the details of your specific plan, but generally excess data usage is 1c per Mb

Why should I use Australian Servers?

If your customer target market is mostly Australian, they’ll thank you for not hosting overseas – website response and download times can be significantly faster for a visitor to your web site from Australia.

Fast response times to technical difficulties. Different time zones can result in delays in attending to urgent matters, as web hosts with offshore servers may need to rely on third parties to address any problems.

At Adelaide Cloud, our servers are located in Adelaide and we’re regulated by Australian laws so we can protect your data from scrutiny by foreign governments.

What is your policy towards spam?

We do our best to stop it. All incoming mail is passed through a spam filter. All web servers that need to be able to send email must go through one of our outgoing SMTP servers. These are monitored to minimize the chances of them being used for spamming.

What sort of equipment is in place to ensure that my site is up?

From the data centre to our hosting infrastructure we operate an N+1 policy (N – Necessary). This starts at the data centre which provides a highly fault-tolerant hosting environment including: two paths into the building for electricity and data; Nx2 +1 UPS’s and N+1 back-up generators; redundant air conditioning; multi-level security and retardant gas fire suppression. Our server equipment follow the same path with at least two paths from external switching through CPUs, storage and backup.

What type of support do you offer?

If you’re working through a reseller, we’ll work with them to provide help as required to get your service up and running.

If you’re dealing directly Adelaide Cloud offers a wide range of technical support to help you get your website, email, storage or backups up and running. Our support starts from the very beginning at the pre-sales stage, ensuring that you have all the technical information you need to make an informed decision.

When requested, we’re happy to help and provide technical resources on issues such as:

Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive hosting and technical support service to help you service your customers better.

Where can I find a document that explains all the features in greater details?

It’s best to go to the web page for each of the services that we offer. There are details there.