For customers who require more control than a cPanel-based service, Adelaide Cloud can offer leading Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting to suit any set of requirements for ASP.NET or PHP websites. Please contact Adelaide Cloud so that we can customise a VPS solution to suit your needs.

The Initial Setup

Initial build (either Linux CentOS/Ubuntu or Windows Server 2008R2/2012R2), default installation, configured as follows:

Windows 2008R2/2012R2


1 x administrative user
1 x external IP
50 GB of balanced data per month calculated on a 1 in 7 out ratio
Setup of a virtual private LAN (where more than one server)
A standard set of ports open to the VPS
Remote access (SSH/RDP) restricted to IPs from your offices/locations for security reasons, unless otherwise specified

Hardware Specifications

Our Responsibility

Your Responsibility

Data Restoration

Data can be restored in one of two ways:

Service Standard VPS Enterprise VPS
Base VPS including: 1CPU core 2GB RAM 50GB HDD $50.00 $89.95
Monthly Data Limit (combined data in and out using a 1:7 ratio) 50GB
Linux (CentOS 6.3)
Windows 2008 Standard Server Edition
Additional cores $24.95 $24.95
Additional RAM per GB $15.00 $24.95
Additional disk space per 100GB $30 $30
Additional data (combined data in and out using a 1:7 ratio) per GB $1
Additional external IPs (per extra IP) $9.95
VPN access to VPS (per user) $9.95
Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition Base (4 CPU cores) $34.95
Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition Additional Cores (2 CPU cores) $17.45
Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition Additional Cores (2 CPU cores) $269.95
Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition Base (4 CPU cores) $539.95
cPanel VPS Licence $34.95
Optional managed VPS services for VPS clients (management of OS and security patching of VPS) as a Service Level Agreement. POA
Additional Services Hourly fee
Data restoration from backup
Data restoration is chargeable unless the need for restore has been caused by Adelaide Cloud.
Service and support upon customer request $150